About Kirsten


Hi I'm Kirsten, a part-time barista with a passion for painting. When I'm not daydreaming in coffee shops, you'll find me in a little, sometimes-tidy studio in Southport, painting and designing cute, feel-good products and gifts. 

My passion for owning a little shop stretches back to when I was 14. I'd joined a photography club and decided to sell some prints on Etsy. As my love for art grew, I went to Lancaster University to study Fine Art. I was lucky enough to find my own style through a lot of experimentation, and decided to start applying those ideas to products. Eventually, my Etsy shop started to take off, and I took the next step of making my own website.

I'm hoping this little space of the internet can be a source of happiness. This website will not only serve as a shop, but also as a gallery, showcasing everything I'm working on and loving. A mixture of original artworks, and little homeware gifts, and accessories.

You can keep track of my day-to-day life over on my Instagram page - @kirstendavisart - where you'll see copious amounts of tea, lots of pastel colours, and other small business love.

Anyway, that's all from me. I hope you like what's on offer and stick around to see how the journey continues.